Multisite Survey of Workplace Wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand Emergency Departments 2020 (WoWe@NZEDs 2020) - Dr Mike Nicholls, Auckland DHB

A quality improvement approach to achieve improvement in workplace wellbeing in emergency departments.

Chest Wall Trauma Validation study - Dr Peter Jones, Auckland DHB

An external validation of a risk score for chest wall injury in elderly patients.

Completed studies

Treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax study – Dr Peter Jones, Auckland DHB


Headache in Emergency Departments - Dr Sinan Kamona, Auckland DHB

A evaluation of non-trauma related headache presentations to the Emergency Department

Pain Relief in New Zealand EDs (PRiZED) study - Dr Peter Jones, Auckland DHB

A planned sub-study of the Shorter stays in ED National Research Project.

Assess the impact of health policy on timeliness and adequacy of analgesia over 7 yr period in 26 hospitals 1/1/2006 – 31/12/2012. 

Airway registry - Dr Andrew Brainard, Middlemore Hospital

ED Airway management practice comparing our practice with Australia and North America and other international registries

How does our airway management practice compare?

What situational, patient and provider characteristics are associated with first-pass success and adverse events during ED intubations?

Adherence to “Best Practice” techniques of ED intubation


The NZEMN would like to acknowledge the Emergency Care Institute and Royal North Shore Hospital Global Airway Registry team in Sydney, Australia for their support with ethics submissions and development of project tools and information, data entry and feedback for the NZ airway registry project.


Accelerated Chest Pain Pathway study - Dr Martin Than, Christchurch Hospital

National implementation of an Accelerated Chest Pain Pathway in the Emergency Department.


CTPA yield


Wellness Survey – Luke Larkin on behalf of Tony Fernando


Oxygen Therapy in Acute Coronary Syndromes - The NZ cardiac clinical network trials group




  • Knowledge creation through high quality research and innovation

  • Knowledge translation through stakeholder involvement and networks, both local and international

  • Stewardship and value for both patients and the general public 




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